New Album Update

 Since the release of Grey Reverend's debut LP for Motion Audio/Ninja Tune Records in 2011 GR has been touring the UK and Europe, performing and writing music with The Cinematic Orchestra, and quietly constructing an album of new GR material with assistance from some extremely talented friends and musicians.  The results of the past 8 months have produced an album of songs and musical ideas that GR feels to be "the most replete exhibition of his abilities as  a guitarist and singer".       

Below is a premaster of one of the tracks from this forthcoming album, titled My Hands.

   My Hands (premaster)  Grey Reverend
The title and official release date of this new album are still pending.

Visit Grey Reverend's Soundcloud page to here more tracks and outtakes from the 2011 album
"Of The Days"
Stay tuned.....

P.S  Don't steal music (especially from indie artist) because soon there will be no one who can afford to make it for you!